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Amplifier class D, 8 x 100 W / RMS / 8W / 20-20000Hz (8 x 200 W / RMS / 4W) to all driven channels.
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Amplifier class D, 8 x 100 W / RMS / 8W / 20-20000Hz (8 x 200 W / RMS / 4W) to all driven channels. with integrated 2 thermostatically controlled fans for better cooling. Portability of the stereo input signal A, internal and the other inputs (B, C, D). Possibility of mono mode 8 channel. RS-232 port for connection and control of automation systems. Stereo preamp output for additional amplifier RKB connection. 4 buffers level output signal in the facade. 12 V trigger. The packaging includes installation components in rack (2U height). 4 pairs possibility DAC 24bit / 192kHz with corresponding Toslink inputs.

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